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Oh Yes She Did

The whole season long, I've been toying with the idea of an over-the-knee boot. Should I? Could I? Would I? Luckily, DuoBoots solved my dilemma for me with this stunning pair of Dita suede lovelies. They are seriousssly comfortable and super-easy to wear. Do I feel like I should be starring in Dick Whittington wearing them? Actually, not so much (although I do love a panto it has to be said, don't you?). So here's the thing- when ordering from Duo you enter into a whole new world of calf sizes. First of all I was like "Oh shit, another thing to be fat-paranoid about"- but basically all it means is you end up with a custom-fit boot, which is deffo no bad thing. I can honestly say that your feet (and legs) will be very pleased with you this Christmas if you feel the urge to self-gift a pair of these :) That urge is seemingly permanent with me. Gun Emoji. And yes I am wearing a tea cosy on me heid. Catch you soon xx
Jumper- Gap//Jeans- Acne
Boots- Duo*//Scarf- Topshop
Bag- Gucci//Beanie- H&M//Sunnies- ASOS


Two's Company

Doubtless you'll already know and love this insanely good knitted twosie from Zara. It featured in their AW campaign and has had more IG exposure in the last few weeks than a certain oiled-up internet-breaking booty. So far so good. If I had to critique this dynamic duo however, I would say that the pants are actually wayyyy unflattering, and give forth to an unfortunate C-Toe situation. So watch out for that. Otherwise, you deffo won't wear anything more comfy or cosy all season long. Catch you soon xx PS I have 1D Newz...tickets for 2015 are all mine!!! Oh Yeah. PPS This is me. Make-up free. With blepharitis. Bleuuurgggh. If anyone knows of any good mazzy or eyeliner for bleph sufferers please lemmie know, thanx :))
Jumper- Zara//Pants- Zara
Coat- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas
Bag- Mansur Gavriel//Hat- Catarzi


Training Day

Let's talk Nikes. Every girl needs a pair (or four), right? I have the oldest most knackered Airs for my daily A to B-ing. They are so uncool they don't even qualify as Normcore. (Or maybe they're so uncool that they do). But I am now buzzing, nay overjoyed, to be the proud owner of a brand new pair of box fresh Nike Frees. How sick are they? Answer: Very. These beauts are super lightweight and super comfy, as well as being perfectly monochrome (minimalists rejoice). If Frees aren't your thing, then get on some Roshes, Theas or Air Force 1s here. And you could probably do a lot worse than delve more thoroughly into what JD Sports have got going on and send Santa this link. Everyone likes a tip off :) 
Nike Free 5.0 via JDSports


Winter Wishlist

Ok, so, let's start with a quick confesh: I didn't manage to shoot any looks last weekend. It was pissing down with rain, and I feel as ruff as ruff can be at the minute. Basically- I've got a shockingly bad eye infection- I can't see much of anything (priddy scary) and I can't wear any make-up. So snapping any piccies is out the window (and may be for a while)- unless red eyed zombies are a thing and no-one told me. Hence this lil' ole post. So, let's get stuck in. Now, there's nowt here that's new, or fresh or that you haven't seen loads of times everywhere else (probably)...but...I love all this stuff. I mean, how can you not? Kicking off with a Byredo scent (and candles)....everything about this brand is perf (and shopping in Liberty is always ace). Ain't gonna lie, I'm very much a Narsaholic, and maybe just maybe when my eyes are better (please god, let me go back to seeing normally and not viewing the world through a blurred bloodshot stinging veil) I'll treat myself to some new make-up (gotta throw all the old stuff out anyway). Next up- some Calvin croppies. Still luvin' 'em...although, to be fair, they're quite tough to track down. Netaporter are low on stock, so try ASOS instead. This Balenciaga jumper is the ulitmate in luxury dressing and I basically want.it.bad. And rounding off this Poly of wanties is a Mansur Gavriel backpack, a Larsson & Jennings watch, a Smythson notebook and some Superstar 2s. Happy Lustin' :)) xx


This Is England

Bomber jackets are priddy much my most favouritist thing evah. Last year I bought four (oops), so this year I've been trying to chill my boots and restrain myself from any further purchases. But then....Filipa K happened. This beaut of a jacket had me at Halla. (Swedish Face). I spied it on loads of Scandi bloggers, all over IG and also on the ultimate Italian babe that is Giorgia Tordini. I knew one had to be mine. However a) it's basically sold out everywhere and b) it's freaking expensive. (Liberty stock a bit of FK, but not the jacket). So, who should come riding in on a white charger? Topshop, obvs, with this cheeky lil' dupe. I've been trying super hard not to buy anything this month (electricity bill came and went, eye test came and went- new glasses required, Christmas coming sooner than you think, yadda yadda yadda); but this had me splashing that (non existant) cash. I bought a 12 as it's not very oversized, and very happy I am with it too. You feelin' the bomber love? Lemmie know! Catch you soon xx
Bomber- Topshop//Jeans- Acne
Tee- Zara//Boots- Zara//Hat- Catarzi


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