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I Should Coco

Like most fashion addicts, I have a severe longing for some Chanel espadrilles. My brain is basically fried with interlocking CC lust. (No change there, then). So when I spied these Topshop espies I was buzzing. I know, realistically, I'm never gonna have a spare £500 to splash on the real thing, and these lovely little dupes definitely go some way to scratching that particular itch. They were out for stock for a while, and it looks like they're getting snapped up quickly again, so get 'em on pronto :) Catch you soon (Easter) chicks xx


Can't Touch This

I managed to pick up these baggy trews in H&M recently for twelve of your English pounds. I know! They were the only ones left on the rail and were marked at half price, so I was like, "''Avin 'em!". They are probably a touch on the large side for me but I'm in an MC Hammer kinda mood, so there you go. My bomber jacket is also new and is fab for the weather right now, as it's lightweight. You found any bargains recently? Lemmie know :) xx
Tee- Zara//Trousers- H&M
Jacket- H&M//Slides- Topshop
Sunnies- H&M//Beanie- Topshop


Slide Away

I literally dunno what took me so long to buy these slides. At first I thought maybe they were too flat. (Being short I like a little old heel boost of some kind or other). Then I thought, Zara are bound to get summink in I like even more as SS14 gets going properly. Finally, I actually tried the buggers on last week and I was totally sold. They're realllllly soft and comfy, and seem to go with an array of things that I hadn't considered they would. And while we're chatting about these beauts, let's just take a minute to give props to Clare Waight Keller. She doesn't get nearly as much love as Queen P AKA Phoebe Philo, and as the designer behind the original Chloe versions of these shoes (that Zara have slavishly copied, thanks Inditex) she deffo deserves nuff respect. (And for all the other amazing stuff Chloe hit us with). So, cheers everyone, basically :)
PS I joined Instagram t'other week after my lovely friend told me I should. Gosh, it's great on there. *Gnaws Off Own Arm Face*
PPS Yes, that is my upside down reflection in the first pic. I know, I look like a dick. But at least I look like a lanky dick. Hang on...maybe I should rephrase that.....
Slides- Zara//Bag- Gucci


I'd Rather Jack

So, this shoot did not go according to plan. I'd been longing for one of these duster coats that so many bloggers seem have embraced recently. But when push came to shove, it didn't really do much for me. Especially as I decided to style it with a hat. Big mistake. Huge. It's deffo a case of no hat required with this look. But...I hate my hair too much to go hatless. And I hate my face too much to sunglassesless. Hence I'm in a state of constant hiding. So, somehow, I came out looking a bit like Mick Fleetwood. And I can't really say he's one of my style icons. Stevie Nicks...different story. The voice! The hair! The song-writing ability! The drama! The amazing witchy clothes (yep, they appeal even to a minimalist like me). Mick, not so much. If one thing salvaged this shoot though..it's the mules. Yeah, I know everybody's got 'em, but I love 'em. So let's thank Zara for that. (Not that we can really blame H&M for my lack of styling ability vis-a-via the coat, it's actually ledge, and like, silly cheap too). Hopefully my next shoot will be a triumph of hat-free bravery and looking up-ness. In the meantime, if you've got any duster coat or mule thoughts, lemmie know xx
Coat- H&M//Jeans- H&M
Tee- Zara//Mules-Zara
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- H&M


Je Suis Anglais

Most of the time I wish I was French. I love eating their food, listening to them chattarge and- most of all- I adore wearing their clothes. I actually live within spitting distance of a Sandro, a Maje, a Comptoir, a Petit Bateau, a Kooples and a Claudie Pierlot. Incroyable. Which makes for an unhappy purse, but a very happy moi. At the moment I particularly can't get enough of a Breton stripe. (You may have noticed). My wardrobe has always been stuffed to bursting point with stripey tops, dresses and tank tops but imagine my excitement when I found this little beaut in H&M recently. Not only is it tres magnifique, but for some reason it was reduced to £7. Double win. I also picked up some new boyfriend jeans when I was in H&M (still working that Glamour voucher discount to the max), and some gorge little slides from Topshop to complete the look. You feelin' stripes this S/S14? Lemmie know! xx
Jeans- H&M//Top- H&M
Slides- Topshop//Sunnies- H&M//Polishes- Essie


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