Zara Navy Culottes

I've got a confession. Here goes. I'm a serial Leaver-In-Bag of clothes. Whenever I buy something I let it rest a while in its little carrier bag. Whilst I recognize this is actually one a of key signifiers of being a shopaholic (face, bothered) I also know there's logic there somewhere. Hear me now! 1) I never know if I wanna take something back. I always find I need to try on and try on again until I'm sure it's a keeper. Particularly given that so many store mirrors make you look thinner than you actually are. (H&M I'm looking at you- looking at me). 2) I like to separate 'old' and 'new'. All the old shit I'm bored of is stuffed into my wardrobe. And the new lovely amaze things are stuffed into bags scattered all over the floor. Somehow that system is 'cleaner' to me. And 3) The aforementioned wardrobe is literally so rammed that there's actually not room for owt new. (I'd start a Tictail and or a Depop...if only there were time). So, these culottes then (which oddly Zara are calling a skort- 2013 alert!). They're new and therefore very very creased. Coz- guess what?- they've been left in a bag. Wow, they really are messed-up. But imagine how cute they'd be without the wrinkles in 'em? Exactly. They've got this incred spilt leg detail which I'm sadly unable to bring you photographic evidence of due to the highly repulsive state of my legs. Next two purchases in the offing: fake tan and a steamer. Catch you soon xx
Breton- Cos//Culottes- Zara
Coatigan- Primark//Sneaks- Adidas
Beanie- Accessorize//Sunnies- Other Stories



What Happened When I Saw A Massive Fight On Instagram

So, quick rewind to Monday. It was lunchtime so I thought I'd browse through my feed on IG, whilst stuffing some quinoa and spinach into my voluminous gob. (I say browse, it was more like a feverish attempt at trying to keep up with the bloody thing. Anyone else's IG get completely out of control on 'em? Swear to god, if I don't look at it for a few hours it becomes this monsterous beast of images that I need to get through. And how annoying is it when it times out? Apologies to anyone whose pics I normally like and I may have missed- now you know why). As I was manically scrolling, I stumbled upon some major beef. Huge. Massive. Eyes on stalks. The whole bit. It was a show-down between a fashion blogger (let's call her Miss 7K) and an Inspo'er (let's call her Miss 3k). Here's how it rolled:-
Girl v Girl
Miss 7K accused Miss 3K of 'stealing' her pictures without crediting them. Miss 7K also said (in a seriously angry and very sweary way) that Miss 3K was refusing to delete or do anything about 'owning up' to the fact that a picture on her account was 'stolen'. Miss 3K (whose bio deets clearly stated 'this is an inspo account none of the pictures are my own') carried on taking a lot of flak and defending her actions (rather weakly admittedly, but it appeared that English was not her first language). Miss 7K rallied her troops and before too long a plethora of 'supportive' IGers had reported Miss 3K's account. 
Theft v Inspiration
This whole sorry tale got me to thinking. What is right and what is wrong when it comes to 'using' pictures on-line? If you follow my IG you'll know I post a mix of inspos and my own pics. I love seeking out an image that hasn't been seen 'everywhere' and throwing it into the mix (although it is kinda depressing when that particular shot gets wayyy more likes than anything I've done myself). I always state my source, but more often than not my source is the murky world of Tumblr where images are routinely not credited. To take Miss 7K's theory to its most extreme, the whole of Tumblr should basically be shut down. There are shades of grey in all of this, and I found myself asking 'What would I feel if I were in that situation?' (God only knows it's distinctly unlikely anyone will ever wanna pinch one of my images but for the sake of this post let's make that leap of faith). And I could only conclude I wouldn't actually care much. Of course it's nice to get credited, but I don't think I'd be doing what Miss 7K did (which actually amounted to bullying). Another fashion blogger who waded into the whole thing- Miss 25k- commented 'people don't realise how much work goes into creating pictures'. And I thought (the cogs were really whirring and clicking on Monday), actually, people very well know how much work it takes to create a beautiful image and most of them don't have the time or the skillz to do it themselves so they 'resort' to 'theft'. 
The Conclusion
A bright spark once commented 'there are only five original ideas in the whole of human artistry, everything else is plagiarism'. And I'd go with that. (Soz copyright lawyers and Marvin Gaye's fam). There are many things to get pissed off about when it comes to blogging and gramming, but I try and take the Marcel Duchamp approach where poss. His glass work 'The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors' got smashed during transit going from one museum to another and he was very cool about the whole debaclé and said he didn't mind and that his art (once he'd glued it all back together) maybe even looked better all patched-up and with visible damage. His chilledness is my inspo. (And if inspo is theft then lock me up with Pharrell and Robin T. Actually, on second thoughts, make that just Pharrell).
PS By the way, both of these pics are my own, feel free to 'borrow'/'use'/'steal'/'pin'/'tumble'/'ignore' as you see fit. And hit me up with your thoughts on this whole issue too :) xx



The Flares Have It

I dunno about you, but the main problem I've had thus far in trying to find a pair of flares I like can be summed up in one word- fat. Virtually every pair I've squished myself into have made me feel like a right chubby chubster. Almost like the scourge of the remove, you might say. (One for the Billy Bunter fans there). That was, until I happened upon these lil' beauts. They've got a sort of a slight Spanx vacuum-packed effect going on (I like) and it turns out they are also good to exercise in should you feel the need (not so much over here). I've paired them with this tunic top (part of an amaze two-piece) and I must say I feel very 2015 in the whole look (in a 90s revival kinda way). Hit me up with your flare thoughts chicas, catch you soon xx PS Soz for the sans-sunnies pic. You can probably see just how swollen and froggy my eyes are (swear to god they are gonna pop out me heid soon) PPS Double soz for the picture overload PPPS Triple soz for the unfortunate waistband line manifesting in most of these frames (just wanted to explain lest you thought I had some bizarre hip-to-hip scar thing going on)
Flares- H&M//Tunic- H&M
Bag- Gucci//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- And Other Stories



7 Very Important Style Questions (And Answers)

I've seen a lot of bloggers recently do Q and As with themselves. Whilst a bit WTF and narcissistic, I thought I'd jump on the hype anyway. So let's get asking and answering. When I say "let's" I mean "me me me". (Seriously though, Freud would have to write another volume with all this ego flying around).
1. What Do You Buy In Bulk?
I have a few Cos Breton tops as they're really quite cheap and I love the shape. I also always repurchase Gap bra tops as I hate wearing normal bras (backache city). I always used to buy loads and loads of  Topshop Jamie jeans, until I made the leap to Acne Skin 5s and now they're the only skinny I wear.
2. What Have You Worn And Regretted?
I actually never regret anything I wear as I know at the time I loved it and thought I looked the bomb. I used to be wayyy more out there when I was younger (I was a club-kid and very experimental) but even when I think back to some of those outfits now I'm still pleased with them! Having said all that perhaps wearing a Juventus top at university was ill-advised (particularly given that I support Fiorentina). In my defence however, it was stolen (off my bezzie's boyfriend) with the aim in mind of getting Rob off the football team to notice me. It dint work though, obvs. He did throw a football at my head once though on the grass outside the refectory which I took to have great passive-aggressive significance.
3) What's The Most Daring Thing You've Ever Worn?
Back to my clubbing days again, I once wore a Whistles bikini top for a night out with a pair of very low slung 501s. Thinking back it was a ledge move :)
4) What Trends Do You Never Tire Of?
I always love a 60s revival. That whole Bardot thing of a Breton, a skinny cropped trouser, ballet flats, a hair band and a cat-eye. I also love an It Bag. And I've 'invested' in a lot of 'em. Oops.
5. What Will You Never Wear?
I'd like to think I won't do bandage dresses or stripper heels or Michael Kors watches, but who knows?
I also absolutely hate those fake Converse that Ash do.
6. Who Is Your Dream Wardrobe Swap?
I'd like to just roam around Tamara Ecclestone's closet simply coz I reckon it's so vast. I also think Kate Bosworth's 'drobe is probably heavenly. And maybe Mary-Kate and Ashley's too.
7. Do You Prefer Heels Or Flats?
Flats flats and more flats. I can't walk in heels at all- I look like a tranny.
Photos by Tommy Ton via style.com



Apartment Pants

Remember that episode of Friends where Jen-An invents apartment pants? Ever since then I've been obsessed with the very concept of APs. These amaze new trews from H&M don't exactly qualify for the category, but I like to make priddy much every trouser I own go under that heading. (Just coz I love saying apartment pants/buying apartment pants/pretending I'm in an ep of Friends 10 years too late). So, let's discuss these APs. They've got a bit of everything going on. A bit of smartness, a bit of relaxedness, a bit of flare and of course, a bit of apartmentness. (I also love the jacket that goes with them. Pure Space 1999 Meets Man About Town 1974). I decided to put them with a skinny rib cotton polo neck which was something of a mistake, given the state of my front bumpers. There's basically just too much of them to set this top of nicely as I would've liked (and let's be honest, there's a lorra droopage too). Ever since I had to change my diet though, to try and help my eye condition (no wheat no dairy no sugar no fruit no caffeine no nicotine no deadly nightshades no nuthin') my body is just expanding rapidly in all directions (I think it must be the high protein, cut me in half and all you will see is avocado and quinoa). Anyroad. Are you feeling any new trooser shapes this season? Are you embracing flares? And tell me I'm not to only nutjob to base my wardrobe on a sitcom :) Catch you soon xx
Skinny Rib- Topshop//Apartment Pants- H&M
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- And Other Stories
Sneaks- Adidas//Cardi- H&M

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