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Burgundy Blues

You know when you shoot a look and your face looks uglier than a very ugly thing, in like, every freaking frame? Well, this happens to me most weeks. But when I snapped these shamazing culottes, the visage was looking even worse than usual, so I've basically had to chop my head off in most of these pics. I'd apologize, but I'm sure you're as relieved as I am :) So, back to the culottes. They are sick. And we deffo don't want no minging face detracting from their incred, inherent beautness. I also took my Man Gav out to shoot for the first time- I was getting myself in a right tizz that I'd wreck it- as trying to take photos is always treacherous in terms of- scratching stuff, breaking stuff, dropping stuff, losing stuff. You name it, it goes wrong. And finally, I have to give bare props to my new Catarzi fedora. These hats are simply the bomb dot com. Catch you soon xx
Vest- Topshop//Culottes- Topshop
Slides- Topshop//Bag- Mansur Gavriel
Sunnies- ASOS//Hat- ASOS



It looks like I'm going to have to use the phrase "the perfect transitional piece" to describe this little khaki jackety-thrown-on-thingy. (Cringe! 50 Fashion Bingo points to me!) Since the remnants of the hurricane hit over the weekend, the temperature has dropped a few, and I found myself feeling very pleased that I'd bought this Gallagheresque beaut. (This gorge grey parka from Zara is a touch more substantial but has a similar vibe, man). I'm also so so so so in love with my Topshop denim mini, which I basically haven't taken off since I got it. (Cringe! 100 Persil Dodger points to me!) It deffo puts me in mind of Stella Mac's amazing skirt as seen on the stunning Irina. But...urgh...come back summer, I ain't finished witchoo yet bro :)
Jacket- H&M//Tee- Topshop
Skirt- Topshop//Hat- Catarzi
Slides- Topshop//Sunnies- ASOS


7 Things Instagram Has Taught Me

I'm still a relative newbie on Instagram. It's been a baptism of fire, fo shizz. I have to confess I find it fascinating and horrifying in equal measure. (My pictures: horrifying, everyone else's: fascinating). Certain things seem to 'work' on there, and certain things don't. Let's have a heated debate about these very tingz. 
Face Versus Feet
My feet are slightly popular- my face- not so much. I've actually discussed this with my blogger buddy Mission Style (her IG is here), and she experiences the same thing. I guess if you're a supermodel the reverse is probably true. But for us mere mortals, the plates of meat seem to win, feet down. Which is, er, handy (or maybe feety) for those of us with a lorra lorra shoes.
Most People Will UnFollow You
Yes, they are all bastards. And why do spammers have endless pictures of realllly disgusting plates of food on their accounts? As with everything in life, competitiveness rules. Hate that.
You Have To Show The World Your Stuff
The hauls, the purchases, the new-ins, the same freaking shoes that everyone's got from Zara. This is the shit you gotta post. And you've gotta post it nicely, in a flatlay, with lots of light. Ain't nobody got time for a dark picture. 
Tagging Things Doesn't Help
Tapping for tags is a complete waste of time because people will still ask you where your stuff is from. Endlessly. Even when somebody has asked you where your skirt is from, and you've told them, someone else will then ask the very same question. Are their eyes sewn on? It's entirely possible.
Shouting Out Is A Thing, A Very Big Thing
Now call me old-fashioned, or just a completely contrary dick, but when someone tells me to do something, I generally do the exact opposite. I don't like being told what to do. Do you? So why the sweet baby Jesus does SFSing work? I have no freaking idea. But on Instagram- which has its very own ecosystem and everything- if someone says 'Follow this person, they're great!' loads of people do just that. Weird innit? And I'm very guilty as charged. The lure is strong. (Not to do the following thing, but to do the shout-out thing).
Nobody But Directioners Like One Direction
I'm a Directioner Til I Die. I ship everyone with everyone. And yep, I do realise the whole of the Tinternetz is full of 1D related shizzle (thankfully), so I'm grudgingly having to accept that fellow fashion bloggers mostly don't wanna see endless pictures of The Boy Styles. Or me in my endless selection of Harry t-shirts. But this is my blog, and I'll cry if I want to, so here he is from a while back. (Can't believe how short his hair is and how few scribbles he's got!)
Skinny And Pretty Wins Every Time
Life is not really that different from IG. If you're cool in real life, you'll be cool on there. If you're thin and pretty, you'll be thin and pretty on there. Sure, there's filters and all that shit, but the real you always shows through. You just leak out, whether you like it or not. I could post a piccie here of me trying to be thin and pretty, or an actual thin and pretty person to illustrate my point. But instead I'm going to show you my new Mansur Gavriel bag which I heart like a MOFO (I actually only managed to get my hands on one of these beauts because of Instagram....there I was idly browsing my feed....only to see the Man-Gav girls announce that their very own website had gone live selling yer actual bags not half an hour since. The rest is history). And just for larks, here's my newish pony slides which I also heart nearly as much as Calum 5SOS. What are your IG experiences thus far? Hit me up :) I'm pretty sure that in a year's time this post will look as quaint as a Motorola Flip Phone. If not sooner.
Blue Slides- Whistles//Grey Shopper- Zara//Striped Vest- Zara
Rings- H&M//Sunnies- Quay
Bucket Bag- Mansur Gavriel//Ponyhair Slides- Topshop


True Player Way

It was love at first sight with this playsuit. It's super-soft and super-comfy and just generally super-ace. In fact, I love it so much I might get the stripe version too. And I really can't give enough props to this American Apparel clutch either- it's the perfect size, shape, everything. Speaking of perfect- life has been very much less than that for me recently. Brace yourself for an #epicwhinge. First, I crashed my car. Everyone was fine, but me jam-jar is now crunched. Then my phone died. Whilst frantically Googling how to make said phone un-die I spilt a boiling hot mug of tea all down my leg. And on my bed. And on my (sister's) iPad. Then I smashed a plate whilst doing the washing-up (from The Conran Shop no less), missed the DHL man by micro-seconds (anyone else ever seen him driving off- heartbreakingly- into the distance?) and dropped my nail varnish remover down the loo. And there was me thinking bad luck only came in 3s. Plus, I now have zero, nish, nada text history with The Boy. Maybe that's a good thing. (If so, then why does it feel BAD?) Hope your luck is going better than mine at the minute, catch you soon xx
PS I wasn't actually wearing frosted pale pink lippie a la Claudia Winkles in this shoot, it just looks like I was. In case you were wondering.
Playsuit- Topshop//Slides- River Island
Hat- Catarzi//Bag- American Apparel
Sunnies- ASOS//Necklace- Orelia



I'm very much on the record when it comes to my love of all things French. And I think I may just have prattled on (and on and on) once or twice in the past about my devotion to the mariniere. Basically, if you don't love a Breton, we can't be friends :) So imagine how buzzing I was when I found this little dress version of the classic striped top in Zara for fifteen of your English pounds. Sick, right? I actually bought it wayyy back at the start of the season fully knowing it required a hot- but not scorching- day to wear it. (How many of those do we get in Dear Auld Blightly? Not many, fo' shizz). But, lo and behold- when I shot this look- the weather was just perf, (apologies about the early morning shadows though- hate those bitches). Have you invested in any Breton dresses this season? I've actually got three now! (All slightly different- obvs. I can't find my little beaut on-line anymore- but this is cute, and so is this).  Laterz Chicks xx
Dress- Zara//Bag- Zara
Slides- Zara//Hat- Catarzi//Sunnies- ASOS


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