Flares & Fur

I love nothing more than a good flounce about the place, and you can literally do nothing but in these amaziinnnng flares from Zara. I'd seen a few Instagram babes swishing around in them and I just had to join the party. I also scooped up these sick fur slides when I was in Zara too. They're kinda twisted and kinda incred all at once, and having missed out on Bad Gal RiRi's fluffy Puma offerings (serious cry face) I went with these as a very cute consolation prize. (If you're still lusting after Rihanna's though, Ego have dropped these insane Farrah slides which I literally can't wait to get on my feet). Here's to bringing the drama, catch you soon x 
Flares- Zara//Fur Slides- Zara//*Watch- Klarf//Vest- Topshop



The Perfect Grey Culottes

I'd been desperately searching for some grey culottes when a very fortuitous email came my way from Zelle Studio, and before too long these amazing wide-leg knitted trousers were in my life and on my legs. I'm on the stumpy side (at 5ft 5) so I rolled over the waist-band to get a nice ankle-gap situation happening, (but if you like a higher waist/are a touch taller/prefer a baggy top then you're laughing). The fabric is a nice substantial knit, and there's also a stunning pleated-detail woven in. I've also gotta give props to this darling pink bomber jacket which I heart with anything grey, and is deffo gonna be a useful cover-up all S/S on those inevitable cooler days. (Not too many, let's hope, *prayer hands*). Hit me up with your culottes thoughts, catch you soon x
*Cropped Trousers- Zelle Studio//Vest- Zara
Jersey Bomber- ASOS//Sneaks- H&M//*Watch- Nicole Vienna



The Summer Slide You Need

I was out shopping on Bond Street with Mumsy over the Bank Holiday weekend (plus ca change); and whilst she was busy trying on every pair of Frame jeans known to womankind- I did the only thing possible to keep my sanity- and wandered off. My meandering (AKA homing pigeon qualities) helped me stumble across a beautiful table of stunningly minimal sandals by the Swedish brand ATPatelier. Naturally I immediately began trying on slides like armageddon was about to hit. I narrowed it down to the classic Rosa sandal, and once Mum had found the Frames of her dreams (and a few other bits) we both made our purchases and happily swanned off. But then (as is the norm with me), the guilt kicked in. I never feel bad about spending big on bags, but where everything else is concerned, I panic. Then I recalled that somewhere I'd seen a verryyyyy good dupe of the ATPs. *Lightbulb Moment* It was Missguided! Of course it was. Enter stage left the sickest £14 dupe you ever did see. Guilt successfully assuaged, the beautiful expensive babies went back (cry face) and the cheap-as-chips hotties are now mine, and on my feet in this very shoot. (You wouldn't have known really, would you?) Catch you soon x
Culottes- Zara//Slides- Misguided//Bag- APC



Nicole Vienna x Me (And Some Alexa Thoughts)

It'll come as no surprise when I impart the following: I have mountains of clothes, gazillions of shoes and a helluva lot of handbags. My watch collection, however, is somewhat lagging behind. So I was very happy to be able to add this Nicole Vienna Black Mesh beauty into my wrist candy stash. Nicole Vienna is a newish Scandi brand and all the watches in their collection have beautiful black marble faces, which is deffo something I can get on board with. What you sayin'? Also, we need to talk Alexa. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already clocked that I'm wearing the pink fluffy Myrtle jumper from her Archive x M&S collection. It looks so cute and cuddly, but unfortunately on me it clings like, well, a Stage 4 Clinger. Sad to say, none of the other pieces I swiped from the drop did much for me either. The culottes made me look fat (AKA fatter), the Harry blouse I just couldn't get on and the blazer wasn't happening either. I think if you are skinny and natural looking and you've got a bob (basically, if you're Alexa) then you're laughing. (In more ways than one, I'd imagine). How have you got on with her pieces? Let me know chicas x
*Watch- Nicole Vienna//Jumper- Archive By Alexa
Trousers- Topshop//Kicks- H&M
Prints- Sealoe//Rug- Ikea



Eats, Shoots, Sleeves

At the moment, the bigger the sleeve the better, for me. So there was no doubt in my mind that I had to have this top. I even went to two Zaras on Saturday (count 'em) to track it down. (#mildlydedicated) I've also been trying on Levis for a while now, desperate to find some that actually flatter and fit. New 501s just look so bad on me and basically make me want to book in for liposuction; so there was nothing for it but to hit up the vintage bit in Urban Outfitters last weekend. Yes they're overpriced, yes the sizing is a little cray (these ones are waist 31), but I love 'em. Oh and, I absolutely could not resist these cute little ballet flats when getting my shop-on either. Another pair of flat black shoes is deffo not what I need but Topshop's shoe game is just insanely tempting right now. Let me know your thoughts x
Top- Zara//Jeans- Levis//Flats- Topshop

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